Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Exhaustion as an excuse to miss school, by teachers

More than 1000 teachers did not show up for the first day of the second term on Tuesday because they were exhausted from participating in the fifth Annual Association on non-aligned teachers Unions of Southern Africa (Antusa) games, which took place in Windhoek, Namibia.

This is one of many examples of the deteriorating system of teaching in this country. The teachers that were absent all applied for annual leave. Yes it can be argued that teachers should fight for their rights, but should it constantly be at the detriment of learners? The curriculum is structured in such a way that every school day must be utilised, so when this does not happen it is taking time away from learners, which contributes to poor pass rates.

What are we as a community doing to rectify this problem where school teachers are being protected by Unions even when they are at fault. How can we stand by and let this happen without consequence.

The teaching profession is now tainted beyond repair and it's a pity because in the eyes of society all teachers will be painted with the same brush. It is time for all stakeholders to take note and bring change. The more this is left uncontrolled the more our children pay the price.

What's your take?

Ideas from: The STAR, 10 April 2012

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