Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Are you the heartbeat of your department? (The role of the HODs in schools)

When a student fails academically, who is held responsible? The student? The teacher? The parents? Or the Head of Department (HOD)? Invariably it is the HOD

As a HOD, a great deal is expected of you. You are responsible for the academic progress of students. It is up to you to support your subject teachers and ensure that all in the department participate effectively. This involves encouraging and supporting the professional development of your staff, promoting a working atmosphere that encourages co-operation, and valuing the contribution made by individuals in the department.

It doesn't end there. You have to lead by example. You must be effective in the execution of school policy. You have to encourage high standards in all aspects of school life, and you have to contribute to the effective and efficient management of the school.

Unfortunately, a school with a poorly-performing HOD is immediately recognisable through lack of productiveness in both the school and within the department. This is why it is vital for all HODs and management staff in schools to work together to create a happy, purposeful and productive environment.'

To ensure that learners are getting the best education possible, and in a safe and creative school environment, it's imperative that all stakeholders do their part. The Head of Department must be the heartbeat that connects all aspects of the school.

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