Monday, February 13, 2012

Teacher Unions, effective or not?

Teacher unions have influenced education policy and social change throughout history. On the other hand, the development and history of teacher unions are closely related to their political relationship with government.

In this day in age it is quite clear that because of their role in policy implementation, teacher unions are not only able to sabotage or promote policies but also to influence society's perception about government performance.

With all this in play are unions really effective? Can they continue to only have teacher's best interest at heart and nobody else? How can they allow srikes to continue for months on end knowing full well the impact it will have on the learners? There is a role for unions to play in a democratic society but it is a questionable role when the outcome of their actions is always to the detriment of the most vulnerable members in society- our children.

The question is: do we really need that?

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