Tuesday, February 21, 2012

FET Colleges is it really a solution?

Paying thousands to obtain a diploma or a certificate in your chosen field of study after matric is a huge expense and proving to be an even bigger risk, but what is the alternative for school leavers today?

To operate as a private FET institution, a college must first be registered as a company in line with the Companies Act of 1973, and then obtain registration with the Department of Education or Umalusi (the general and further education training quality assurance body).

For students who do not have university exemption or cannot afford university fees, a FET college is the next best option, But is this working in their favour long term?
Accredited colleges are providing students with measurable qualifications that can be used in industry. So the question is why are they not being hired but in the majority of cases their qualification is being looked down on and internships and jobs are being given to university students only.

This attitude of employers is preventing students from finding gainful employment resulting in them being forced into low-level jobs with very little if any prospect of career advancement.

What's your take?

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