Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Teacher still cares

Yesterday morning at 8:30am promptly Cecilia, a grade 3 teacher from Lehutsu Primary school from Sasolburg travelled by taxi to honour an appointment she asked for with Jocelyn Gulston, a trainer at READ. Cecilia called Jocelyn asking her to assist her with additional traing so that come 2011 she would be the best educator she can be for her students.

Jocelyn was more than happy to assist an educator who shows such passion for the work she does and cares so deeply for the children in her school. Cecelia expected nothing in return and yet spent her own money on travelling and meal costs to come and learn from one of READ's experienced trainers.

Cecelia making teaching aids to take back with her for her classroom next year
The two ladies worked the entire morning until late in the afternoon with Cecelia learning new and innovative ways to engage her students in her lessons.

Cecelia has taken change into her own hands. We are glad to see that there are teachers who want to see change happen in our schools and understand that READ is always ready and willing to assist where they can.

Making a difference one class at a time

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