Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Learning made fun

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Blogger has seen fun innovative ways of teaching in the READ training rooms. We've discussed the importance of making the learning a experience a fun one, I've found fun and easy ways that may help you along.

Yesterday I sat in briefly during a traing session at READ. They made it look fun but it certainly isn't easy making sure that your children remain captivated and enjoy the entire lesson.

Riette Els was teaching her colleagues ways to interact and teach children at (Early Childhood Development) ECD level, if you thought little personalities were a handful you might want to think again, these trainers where so full of energy I thought the room would start spinning.

Riette's students after completing an exercise
Students present their three elements of nature as required by the given task  
I sat in on an exercise and one fast realizes that so much can be done with what we have around us. They used egg shells to grow been seeds. When children get frustrated there are child friendly ways to release their frustrations. They showed me how to use bright sponges filled with water that can be throw against a wall without breaking anything and creating an awesome splash of water.

Water soaked sponges and egg shells have 101 uses

Next week blogger will talk you through the lesson and the objectives of each exercise.

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