Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Make learning fun

If you’ve been teaching students, young and old alike, you have probably encountered the greatest drawback in teaching history – boredom. Boredom can be a teacher’s greatest insult.

Imagine having to stand in front of a number of students, you’ve been talking on end, and your students aren’t listening. You start to think if you’re the reason why they’re bored. Maybe you are the one who’s boring and not the topic. More often than not, it is the approach to learning, and not you that’s making learning boring.
Making learning fun is an art as much as it is a practice. It is a practice because it requires a skilled and knowledgeable teacher with the right attitude to teach a number of students and to teach them well. It is an art because it sparks your imagination; it opens up your creativity, and makes use of your talents to make it fun as well as knowledgeable.

Children at Kwa-Thema Creche enjoying reading time with one of the READ trainers

 Making learning fun doesn't mean having the best resources but rather making the best of the resources you have at your disposal. One can start by incorporating lively examples in your lessons. These examples must be relevant to the students you are teaching. Giving examples that are relevant to them stimulates their brains.

Making learning fun also entails that students have to feel rewarded from the lessons they are observing. Generate interesting and open-ended questions that require their brains to think of an answer, rather than a simple yes or no question.

Come up with games that incorporate the lesson for the day in it.Games allow students to apply what they have learned into real situations and are great evaluative tools for teachers.The best secret in getting student to enjoy lessons is in making them hungry for knowledge and the battle is half won.

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